Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist)

I have been a qualified physical therapist (physiotherapist) since 2003. I became registered in Australia in the same year, and licensed in Wisconsin, USA, in 2014. I have worked in a variety of roles and settings and am currently working in home care. In addition to my physical therapy qualifications I have post-graduate qualifications and special interest in the management of chronic pain.

In addition to being a clinician, I have been involved in the physical therapy profession by serving on a number of boards and committees. Much of this work has centred around Indigenous health, primarily within Australia but also internationally. I was the first Aboriginal member, and later Chairperson, of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Indigenous Health Committee, during which time I established the Indigenous Physiotherapists Support Network. This network was later formally structured as the National Association of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Physiotherapists, Inc., of which I was a founding member and inaugural President. I maintain close association with Tae Ora Tinana, the representative body for Maori physiotherapists, students, and assistants. It is my future vision that there will be an international congress of Indigenous physiotherapists, who will come together in the spirit of sharing knowledge, experience, and peer support, for the betterment of Indigenous peoples worldwide.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to share my knowledge and experience of physical therapy – specifically in relation to the provision of services to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – with the next generation of physical therapists as a guest lecturer at both the University of Queensland and Bond University. I have also been both a mentor and a coordinator of mentors for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander physiotherapy students, as a means of providing both professional and cultural support to these students.

I’m always interested in exploring new opportunities to be involved with my profession, whether in terms of career opportunities or advocacy roles. If you feel my knowledge or experience could be beneficial to you or your group/organisation, please contact me.