Tai Chi Instructor

I have been involved in the martial arts since I was a teenager, and since then have studied a number of different styles and training methods. I have been studying Tai Chi (T’ai Ji Ch’uan) since 2001 under the guidance of Master Dennis Watts of the Gold Coast Tai Chi Academy. I’ve progressed in a number of Tai Chi forms and Qigong sets, attended and won competitions at State and National level in Australia, including Grand Champion in 2012, and been active as a class assistant instructor. I’ve also involved Tai Chi in my workplace, having developed a run a Tai Chi program for a community health service provider, and I explore way in which Tai Chi – or Tai Chi principles – can be integrated into my own work as a healthcare provider.

Today I am an accredited Level 1 Tai Chi Instructor as certified by Kung Fu Wushu Australia, and am in the process of becoming accredited in the United States. In 2015 I formed the Wisconsin Tai Chi Academy, and plan to commence classes in 2016.