I consider myself to be someone who as a passion for using the written word as a means of getting ideas, information, or just a good story out to people who can make use of it or enjoy it for what it is. I’m not certain what the correct label for that is: I think of myself as an aspiring writer as I’ve yet to achieve my ultimate writing goals. However, my personal preference is story-teller, because that’s where my passion in writing lies.

I’ve published fiction and non-fiction in various forms. My non-fiction relates mostly to health and often specifically to physical therapy or allied health, particularly in relation to cultural sensitivity and safety. You can find my writing in various articles and a couple of textbook chapters, not to mention right here amongst the blog articles.

My fiction sits mostly in the dark fiction/horror realm, and it’s best to learn about this more through my writing website, or follow my updates on Facebook and Twitter.

I am available for commission for both fiction and non-fiction works. If you have an opportunity you think I might be interested in please feel free to contact me.