For the purposes of this discussion, the term “Indigenous” is used to represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples collectively, unless otherwise indicated. However it should be noted that these peoples have distinct cultural identities and differences between and within themselves.

I identify as a Bundjalung man, a descendant of the Bundjalung people through my father’s family. While I have not always known about my Aboriginality, it has always been a part of who I am. Though I am strong in my identity I am still learning what it means to be Bundjalung and to be Aboriginal. My desire is to educate others so that people can understand and accept Aboriginal people who are of mixed descent, and make it easier for those who are struggling to identify as Aboriginal.

Through my identity I have a strong interest in Indigenous issues particularly Indigenous health and cultural safety. I’m a great believer that achieving unity amongst Aboriginal peoples, and in a broader context, Indigenous peoples worldwide, can only benefit us and help us work towards the betterment of our peoples.

Terms I accept in terms of referring to my Aboriginality are: Bundjalung, Aboriginal, Indigenous, First Australian, blakfella.

Terms I do not accept are: any reference to caste or blood quantum, any reference seeking to quantify my Aboriginality (eg: “part” Aboriginal), or any derogatory or racist terms (not listed as I don’t believe they need to be encouraged or promoted).